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Oct 21, 2014 | Brett Lee | 1783 views
Radars visit Cents this Saturday!
This Saturday Oct 25, will be another busy night at the rink for fans of the Huron East Centenaires as the highway 8 rival, Clinton Radars travel to Seaforth.

 It is the first time the two teams have met and for many players on the Radars, the first time in a lot of years they have played in their home center. Radars, one of the south divisions SR Mens strongest team has gotten off to a tough start with two overtime loses. The team heads to Seaforth looking to build momentum.

For Radars head coach, former Seaforth resident and Centenaire player Kalen Carroll it is an opportunity for his team and to come back to a place he grew up playing. "It's always nice to be back in the home rink, and know that there is no chance of me sitting in the penalty box." joked Carroll. However as he was as a player for the Centenaires many years ago Carroll is competitive as always. "No matter where I live, play or coach, I'm proud to say I'm from Seaforth. The visitors' bench will be a different sight line, but the goal will be the same as when I was at the other end of the rink - win."

The Radars, like the Cents have been up against some tough competition this year and the 2 over time loses wasn't the way the team hoped to come out of the gate."We're not worried yet. We saw who many would consider our toughest competition in the first two games. We came away with 2 points, and were a few bounces away from 4 points. We know where we made our mistakes."It is a position the Centenaires can relate to. After an opening night over time loss, the team came up against a very talented Petrolia team the next week, and then faced the top teams in Tavistock and Tilsonburg. "I think we are getting ourselves settled and understanding this is a tough league we are playing in" said goalie Rich Wigmore. The Port Hope native has been strong throughout the opening games for the Centenaires. "We are really learning that you can not take a shift off. You need to be on you best every time you step on the ice, or the other team capitalizes."

Where the Centenaires have been very strong is in the stands. "We have a really great fan base of educated hockey fans" said team President Bill Tremeer. "People around here understand what we are trying to build, effort our team is showing on the ice and really showing us support."  With the Clinton Radars 15 minutes up the road and many of the Radars Seaforth residents, it is expected to be a fun atmosphere in the arena for the game Saturday Night."We're hoping for a full house when we show up Saturday." said Carroll.  "We have great fans in Clinton who follow us on the road, and it sounds like fan support in Seaforth is great too. The rink is different than what we're used to so we will be coming in with our heads on straight and our work boots on. There are no guaranteed points in this league. It will be all business until the final buzzer goes, and then we can enjoy the night a bit!"

Clinton Radars arrive in Seaforth to take on Huron East Centenaires Saturday Oct 25.2014, for the 7:30pm puck drop.